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Floppy Dog Photography

Lifestyle Photography for the Discerning Pet

The Session

Floppy Dog sessions are not about rigidly posed and bored pups with that "cheesed off" look in their eyes. I aim to provide an easy going and (hopefully!) fun experience with your dog in a more natural setting. This can be either in your home, back garden, on a favourite walk, in a park, at the beach and so on. Basically anywhere where your dog is likely to be happy and in their element.

We can have toys and treats and cuddles; your dog can play, run, chase and do what he or she loves to do.

When will/can the session take place? For outdoor shoots, it does depend upon the time of year - it's better to try and avoid intense midday sun, and we need to start so the session end time is before the sun dips down below the horizon. After this time, the camera settings used will mean lessened image quality.

Sessions can be any day of the week, but Sundays and Bank Holidays are often the most requested and also my preferred days off! I will do sessions on these days, but there will be an extra, small, fee.

Please bear in mind that while light rain, etc., is not a problem, poor weather conditions can mean a session being cancelled at short notice. In the event of a session being cancelled due to weather or similar difficulties, it will be rescheduled at no extra cost to you.

Where will the session take place? The choice is yours, but I will make some recommendations (especially seeing as some locations suit some dogs better than others). As mentioned above, it could be in your home, your garden, a favourite walk, a park, a beach, or anywhere suitable where your dog will be happy.

When indoors, it will be best if you have somewhere, or a room(s), with large windows that will allow in loads of natural light, which will look best - I don't want to use flash if I can help it. I do have another type of lighting, but it just won't look as good. Please also be prepared to do some "decluttering" if you go for a shoot indoors.

But my dog is a little terror and/or just not very well trained Don't worry about it - most dogs seem to like me, and there are ways to work with the more "troublesome" of dogs.

The first 10-15 minutes or so of the session will be a "meet and greet", where I will interact with your dog, so they get used to me and then the camera will be introduced slowly.

I want to book a session! Please get in touch via the contact page in the first instance, letting me know what you are looking for and your preferred times (I.E. dates/day of the week, time of day), etc., and we can go from there. Please be aware that I only book a limited amount of sessions in any one period of time, and rarely if ever book more than one or two in one day. Because of this, there may be a waiting period before I can fit you in (I also "reserve" specific days/dates in case of cancellations due to poor weather).