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Floppy Dog Photography

Lifestyle Photography for the Discerning Pet

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see an answer to your question(s) here? Feel free to contact me.

What kind of animals do you photograph?

Mostly dogs, but despite the Floppy Dog name, I also do cats and other pets/animals!

Can you do more than one pet at a time?

Yes, but due to the logistics of handling animals, 3 per session is the preferred maximum. Any more than that may be possible, but it depends upon the pet(s) - their temperament and how well they get on with each other, etc. Please be aware that extra time may be required, as well as one or more assistants. If this is the case, an additional charge will be incurred.

We are xx miles out of your area, will you travel to us?

Yes! Whenever possible I will travel out of my local area. Please be aware that depending upon distance; this can incur extra charges (petrol, time, accommodation, etc.)

Please see this article on areas covered and travelling to you if you're outside of the Bristol area.

Should I bath/groom my pet before the shoot?

This is entirely up to you - you may want to remember your pet just as they are, and our session may be outdoors where they can get dirty anyway.

However, I would advise you to consider making sure they are at least reasonably tidy as that scruffy collar and/or dirty/stained fur (more apparent on dogs such as West Highland Whites where the fur around mouth and eyes get stained, for example) can detract from the photo and annoy you in years to come.

My dog/cat/whatever is nervous of people, will this be a problem?

Not at all - most dogs and cats like me (or at least appear to!) If your four-legged friend is nervous of new people, I can do a pre-session meet to help your pet get used to me. I will also dedicate some time at the start of the session as a "meet and greet" where I'll "introduce" myself to your pet before I start taking photos.

Shall I bring along my pet's favourite toys?

Yes! Anything like a ball or Frisbee, etc., can be used during the session as a prop or to help get his or her attention.

What should I wear and/or bring to the session?

Generally, clothing suitable for the time of year and weather on the day. Warm clothing for winter, waterproofs/umbrella if it is rainy, drinking water for you and your dog, and sunblock for summer and sunny days, etc. Footwear suitable for walking a fair distance which should also be okay to get dirty. Also, towels (for you and your dog!), poop bags, doggy wipes, toys, treats and a decent lead.

My pet is scared of flash / suffers from fits. Will this be a problem?

Not at all. I try and use natural light (daylight) as much as possible. However, some lighting conditions may require alternative/extra lighting such as flash, and certain "looks" may also require the use of flash to achieve.

If your pet is scared of flash, I can try to accustom your pet(s) to it, and there is an alternative I can use in some circumstances.

Generally, where flash is used, it will not be firing constantly and not at a frequency that should cause a fit/seizure. But if you are aware of a potential problem and to be safe, just let me know beforehand.

Can I take my own photos/video at the session?

I ask that you wait until after we've finished the session - it can be distracting for your pet(s) (there are times when I need them looking at me and not you!) It can be embarrassing for both of us if I have to ask you to stop taking photos due to it adversely affecting your pet's behaviour, making my job harder.

How many people can attend the session?

I ask that there not be too many. Besides myself and a possible assistant, I suggest no more than 2 or maybe 3 other people there, otherwise it may be too much of a distraction. However, this can be discussed if every family member wants to be involved (you know your pet better than I do!)

How long do sessions last?

Please check the packages as different packages have different lengths of sessions. However, sessions should generally last at least an hour, and I don't "clock watch" as I want them to be stress free and fun. The duration will also depend upon the animal(s) (there's no point in continuing if we have enough photos and your pet is too tired, for example).

What areas do you cover?

I mainly cover around the Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare areas. Outside of these areas will incur an extra charge for travelling, and accommodation for longer distances. Please see this article on areas covered and/or contact me for more information if you are unsure if your area falls outside of my normal coverage.

My dog is ill and/or doesn't have much time left...

Obviously I won't do a shoot where a dog's health could be compromised, but I will otherwise always make time for the older dog and those who have little time left with us. Having "lost" dogs of my own I know how sad it can be to have a lack of photos to remember them by.

I've seen this really cool photo, can we recreate it?

I do prefer to try and remain within my style, and to stay original as possible. However, I will work with you if you have any requests. There are a couple of caveats - we will have to be careful of copyright laws and plagiarism, and also remember that because of the nature of animals, recreating certain poses, etc., may not be possible.

Do you offer gift certificates/vouchers?

At the moment, under most circumstances, no.  Prints, canvases and other forms of art display media are sold in a separate session to the photo session, so unless the gift certificate giver is willing to buy certificate that will cover the cost of those prints, etc., it would mean the recipient themselves would have to make a purchase(s), defeating the point of a gift certificate.

Photography and art, in general, can also be very subjective, so unless you are more or less 100% sure, there's no guarantee that the recipient will like my style.

However, if you are set on buying a session for someone else, and are willing to also pay a sum towards prints, canvases and other display media, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Why are you called Floppy Dog?

My last dog, Bess, (sadly) suffered from arthritis and hip dysplasia. This meant that at times she was less than graceful so used to "flop" down when lying down. For some reason, sometime after she had passed away, the name Floppy Dog came to me, which was inspired by her memory.