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Floppy Dog Photography

Lifestyle Photography for the Discerning Pet

Written by Andy. Posted in Blog

At last, summer is finally threatening to take hold. We all look forward to those long hot summer days!

However, just like us our pets can get lethargic when it's too hot – they have no interest in doing anything much at all, let alone taking part in a photo session. We also have to take in account their health and well-being. Dogs cannot sweat in the same way humans and other animals do to lose heat, and are very much prone to heatstroke. We also need to remember that animals, including dogs, can also get sunburnt. As always, your pet's well-being comes first!

As a result, it's not a good idea to have sessions during the hottest part of the day – not only for our pet's comfort (and ours!), but because we just don't want them running around in the heat.

So it's preferred to do photo sessions either in the morning, finishing by around 10am, or in the evening starting around 6pm. Not only is it cooler, but the “quality” of light is better.

For indoor lifestyle sessions where there's little or no running around, it's not as important. As long as it's not so hot where your pet is disinterested in doing anything, and as long as your home has enough daylight coming in.

Evening sessions also fit in with most people's work schedules.

Book your session now!

Written by Andy. Posted in Blog

SuzieIf you recommend a friend who then goes on to have a session, you can get a free print, or money off your next session with us! Just get them to say you sent them.

Written by Andy. Posted in Blog

SuzieChristmas has well and truly gone, the days are getting warmer and the evenings are getting lighter. Yes, summer is finally on its way!

With the lighter evenings, we can now do more outdoor shoots in the evening, taking advantage of the warm and photogenic light this often brings.

So, get in touch now to book your evening session before the waiting list gets too long!