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Floppy Dog Photography

Lifestyle Photography for the Discerning Pet

Areas Covered

As I live in Bristol, this (the City and County of Bristol) and surrounding areas of up to around 20 miles radius, and approximately 40 minutes travelling time from the BS1 postcode in each direction is included in the default session costs. This isn't set in stone though - it depends upon the location of your photo session and how accessible it is.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Weston-super-Mare
  • Keynsham
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Portishead
  • Thornbury
  • Chew Magna
  • Clevedon
  • Shepton Mallet

The only caveat here is where I have to cross the Severn by one of the toll bridges, and the toll cost passed on to you.

Longer distances:

I will also come and photograph your pet if you live further away. If you're not sure if you feel you live just outside of the "default" area stated, then please ask (please include your location and postcode - I use Google Maps to check the distance, road type and time to see how long it takes and how easy it is to get to you and your location).

Travelling to you and your furry friend isn't (usually!) a problem and where possible I will go almost anywhere to photograph your pet. The downside? There will obviously be extra costs to be covered, these include any, or all, of the following:

  • Time taken (please note that some areas are not serviced by motorways, etc., so although may not be as far as other locations, may take longer to reach.)
  • Distance - mileage is included for the initial 20 miles. Past this is 30p per mile in both directions.
  • Toll roads, bridges (the two Severn crossings to Wales are examples) and ferries, etc.
  • Accommodation where the distance is prohibitive to travel in both directions in one day.
  • Kennelling of my own dog where I have to stay somewhere overnight and can't find someone to look after her, and/or where I can't bring her with me.

Accommodation Where the distance to a location makes it prohibitive to do it all in one day (say in Scotland, for example, which can be a 6 hour or longer drive), then I will have to travel close to the location the day before and stay overnight. This means I should be relaxed and refreshed for your shoot and not half asleep and stressed.

I won't be "silly" when booking somewhere to stay - I'm happy to stay in local B&Bs, or somewhere like a Travelodge, as long as it's clean and comfy. I will have to take into account what's available in the area, and what is available at the time of your session. They will also have to accept pets for those occasions when I can't leave my own dog behind.

Ireland and overseas Travel to Ireland and overseas locations is possible, but be aware that extras beyond the obvious such as flights and hotels may be incurred. These can include local hire of photographic equipment that I cannot take with me due to restrictions on airlines, car hire and so on.

In some countries and locations, permits are required to carry out professional photo shoots, which can also incur extra costs.

Refusal Please do not be offended if I refuse to travel to you. Chances are that it just won't be feasible, or not possible due to other shoot or personal commitments, and not personal to you.