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Floppy Dog Photography

Lifestyle Photography for the Discerning Pet


Hi, I'm Andy, and I live in South Bristol with my dog, Poppy. Poppy is a typical bouncy Labrador who loves food, walks, and getting covered in mud (fun for her, but not for me!) I've had a dog consistently for nearly 30 years now and can't imagine life without one.

So I know how much our four-legged friends mean to us and how important the memories photos provide are, especially as they are only with us for a relatively short time and have such an impact on our lives.

I've also had a cat, a tabby my dad rescued as a kitten one stormy night, coldwater and tropical fish, a budgie and a finch. I have hardly any photos of my cat, and my first dog (even after all these years, I miss her greatly), which is something I regret.

I started off taking photos when I was still a small boy and progressed from a cheap "110" film camera with one of those flash cubes that held four flashes on, through a couple of film SLRs and eventually got my first DSLR in 2005. Now I am putting two of my passions together: dogs (and animals in general) and photography.

My aim is to provide a stress-free (for you, your pet(s) and myself!), relaxed and friendly service. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" (as an American would say) service that bundles you in through the door, then kicks you out again after 15 minutes. Typically, I will rarely book more than one session in a day, and never more than two.

Why the name Floppy Dog? My previous dog unfortunately suffered from arthritis and hip dysplasia, and as a result, she was less than graceful and often used to flop down when she laid down, so was a "floppy dog".